Getting to know Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile is a Microgaming that is set in Egypt, as the Nile in the name would suggest. The game is a progressive slots game that has 9 pay lines. There are 5 reels to go with that, and the maximum number of coins allowed per line is one coin. Treasure Nile has a story line that is set in ancient Egypt, with players looking for hidden treasures. Here is a closer look at this Microgaming product.

Slot type

Treasure Nile is a progressive slot game. That means the jackpot increases every time someone plays the game but fails to win the whole amount. Progressive slots are loved by people who like to gamble for the huge win. However, these kinds of slot jackpots are hard to win because the casino makes money every time there is an attempt. Of course, it is in the interest of the casino for people to keep trying to win; it raises the jackpot thereby drawing in more players, and it keeps the casino’s revenue rolling in.


The jackpot for the game is 6000 coins. That means for every amount wagered, the full payout that a player stands is 6000 times. It has to be noted that this game has pretty pricey spins. For a single spin, you might have to pay up $4.5, which for some players can be too much. However, for a progressive jackpot of 6000 times the wager, there is an incentive to engage in the expensive spins.

Game modes

There are two types of game modes for Treasure Nile. There is a standard mode that is less risky and an expert mode which is tricky but more lucrative. As with any other slot, the player is required to determine how much risk he or she can assume, and then assess his or her skills before deciding on the mode of play.