Popular Online Combat Games

Online gaming provides some of the best options for killing a few hours and delivering a much-needed break from the stresses of day-to-day life. That said, with some of the most popular online combat games, you might indeed find yourself perhaps more stressed or frustrated than you were before it! The great thing about these games is the sheer choice and range that can cater for all preferences. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular from different theatres of combat.

For the lover of modern combat, the classic and still very popular game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Team games like this are exceptionally popular do to the player’s ability to play alongside friends in a team or interact with strangers right across the world. More recently, Battlefield’s online multiplayer game option has become a bar to measure other similar online games against, with features such as collapsible buildings and wide range of vehicles on large scale maps.

The “World of” franchise of games has found incredible popularity with offering free to play games online. There’s the Tanks, Warplanes and Warships variants allowing the player to take control of real-life modelled vehicles. Robocraft is a similar game, in that it’s free to play, but lets the player create their own vehicle to use in combat. Finally, Space Engineers is a game in which the player is left to roam about in space, building a space ship to fight or trade; the options are very much open for whatever and however the user’s strategy may be. The freedom offered to the player by these games is perhaps part of the reason they find so much popularity.