The best actiongames online today

One of the broadest and most popular genres in video games is action. From Space Invaders to Halo, actiongames have given us countless thrills and spills over the decades – and with the online gaming revolution, they are reaching a wider audience than ever. With this article, we will pick out some of the very best actiongames online today.

Potty Racers

Potty Racers is a racing title with a difference – instead of conventional vehicles, the characters ride around on mobile toilets! Behind this bizarre idea is a solid racer which is well worth a try when you have some spare time.

Sniper Team

Sniper Team is an all-action shoot-em-up in which you control four gunmen as they defend their base from attackers. As enemies come in thicker and faster with every wave, taking care of them becomes more and more hectic as time goes on.

Super Obstacle Girl

Super Obstacle Girl is a hurdle-jumping game with a twist: you must make your character leap over such bizarre obstacles as cows and cacti, while dodging everything from birds to remote-controlled planes as they buzz overhead. Yes, this is a game in which hurdles come both high and low…

Angry Birds

Finally, we come to one of the greatest success stories of online games: Angry Birds. Straddling the gap between action and puzzle, Angry Birds sees you firing exploding birds one by one at a structure in the hopes of bringing it down to the dust.