The Most Exciting Football Games You Can Play Online Today

The internet may be awash with all sorts of games but every gamer worth his/her salt knows all the fun is to be found playing football games. Of the numerous football games available, several of these have stood out due to their uniqueness and the entertainment they provide.

Soccer Pro

Soccer Pro offers you a player with all the skills every football gamer would want; think Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Your task will be navigate your way through a number of defenders after which opportunities to score will be availed to you. The more flexible you are, the more goals you score.

The Champions 4

The format chosen by The Champions 4 (TC4) involves having 5 players on each team. The privilege of selecting your team members will be yours. Afterwards you’ll embark on a small tours to face off against teams from other countries. And if that bores you, you can always play against pirates.


ManagerZone appeals to the tactician in you. It’s one thing to play well on the field; another to create a plan that’s tailored to take advantage of your strengths and capitalise on the weaknesses of your opponents. The fun of ManagerZone lies in how it encourages you summon your wits and decision-making skills. If being a manager has always been your dream, then this is your chance to give it a try.

Goalkeeper Premier

There’s only one rule. Keep your team in contention by preventing the opposing team from scoring. You can certainly count on plenty of shots coming your way. The challenge for you is to improve your goalkeeping skills and earn goals for you team. Three consecutive saves earn you one goal.In addition to being exciting, the above listed games also rank high when it comes to ease of use and interactivity. The attention to detail and innovativeness will be well worth your while.