Why Do Casinos Give Away Bonuses, Free Spins And Other Enticements?

Picture this: You’re in your local supermarket; you pass by the Deli counter and there are trays laid out with morsels on cocktail sticks – cheeses, spicy sausages and today’s special offers. You try a couple of morsels on offer. The supermarket is giving you the opportunity to experience the taste of the products before buying.

Well, Guess What?

That’s precisely what the casinos are doing – giving away Welcome Bonuses, Free Spins, etc. A Welcome Bonus is a reward for signing up – choosing the casino over the competition. This bonus is a one off, and is only for new members. Accordingly, the level of these bonuses varies and they also have limits. So, it’s worth doing a little research and shopping around. The welcome bonus is awarded when you deposit funds with a casino. For a deposit of £500, you might get a 100% Welcome Bonus on your deposit, turning your £500 into a £1000 playing credit.

To get experience, and acquire a taste for the games, the casinos give away Free Spins. Some give bonuses even without signing up or placing a deposit. Choose an online casino, select from Free Spin games and play. Gain knowledge and become competent and comfortable enough to be able to play with your money. That’s what casinos want you to do. The number of Free Spins also varies from casino to casino, so check out the competition. Be aware of limits and eligibility, because exclusions apply. Read the terms and conditions – a must. Available Bonuses: Welcome Bonuses, No Deposit Bonuses, Monthly Bonuses and Promotions, High Roller Bonuses, Game and Device Specific Bonuses etc.